Joint Replacement

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Our specialty-trained doctors at Flagstaff Bone & Joint are recognized experts in joint replacement.

Severe joint pain is the most common reason patients undergo a joint replacement procedure. Whether your pain is a result of an old injury, of a degenerative condition like arthritis or osteoarthritis, or of a fracture, joint replacement procedures may be the recommended treatment option.

Nearly any joint in the body can be replaced with a fully functioning artificial implant, but the most common joint replacements are of the hip, knee, or shoulder.

At Flagstaff Bone & Joint, our joint replacement doctors specialize in joint replacement surgeries, including total joint replacements, osteotomies, partial joint replacements (knee), and joint resurfacing procedures.

You may be a candidate for a joint replacement surgery if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Severe joint pain
  • Pain in the joint that keeps you awake at night
  • Joint discomfort that prevents you from participating in recreational activities
  • Joint pain that limits your ability to conduct necessary and daily functions, such as climbing stairs or standing up
  • You have attempted more conservative treatment methods, such as exercise or therapy, without success

Our joint replacement doctors are committed to learning the newest procedures, surgeries, and surgical techniques for joint replacement surgery as well as for other joint-related surgeries and procedures. While our doctors are highly skilled in performing joint replacement surgery, including knee replacement and hip replacement, they will only consider surgery after all conservative treatment options, including therapy, have been exhausted.

To consult with one of our joint replacement surgeons at Flagstaff Bone & Joint, please make an appointment online or call (928) 773-2280. We have office locations in Flagstaff, Kingman, Cottonwood, and Sedona.

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