Osteoporosis is a devastating disease that affects millions of women and men each year. It is a disease that causes the bones to become weak, causing fractures without significant trauma. It is essentially a silent disease, until a fracture occurs, making it an easily missed diagnosis. The most common bones that break with osteoporosis are the wrist, hip, and vertebrae in the back. Wrist fractures are often one of the earliest warning signs of osteoporosis.  The best way to prevent these painful fractures is to identify osteoporosis, and treat it, before a person sustains a fracture.  If you have already sustained a fracture, the risk of sustaining another fracture is up to 77% if treatment for osteoporosis is not initiated.

Osteoporosis is diagnosed by a radiology study, called a DXA scan. It is recommended that women undergo a screening DXA within the first 5 years after menopause, and men should have a screening DXA at the age of 70. Osteoporosis is treated with medication, regular weight-bearing exercise, dietary changes, and supplementation with calcium and vitamin D. You can help protect your bones with regular weight bearing exercise, avoiding excessive alcohol, avoiding smoking, and eating a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. Flagstaff Bone and Joint offers a Bone Health Program that provides screening and treatment for osteoporosis, including physical therapy evaluation for balance and fall risk assessment, medication monitoring, and communication with primary care providers.

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