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Thank you for choosing Flagstaff Bone & Joint for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Rating: 5
“Jenn DePhillips was great I was taken in quickly, and Jenn DePhillips took excellent care of me had x-ray's, and she advised me to have a cortisone shot worked great Jenn is great thanks.”
– Louis C.
“Jennifer Almendarez was very, very informative, and has a beautiful, compassionate personality.”
– Betty L.
“Ernest Monson was great.”
– Stephen C.
“Efficient, friendly, and to the point.”
– Linda Q.
“Rarely does a medical office usher you into the waiting room ahead of your scheduled time. Then, even more, rare is when the physician apologizes for being late. Ernest Monson is a caring and competent physician. He explains in detail what the issue is and gives shots that only feel like a pinprick. I am glad I went to this facility.”
– Leanne S.
“Extraordinarily knowledgeable and ppl professional.”
– Milton S.
“Sean Easton and the staff was terrific with my nephew Andrew during his visit from treatments, x-ray, adjustments. They went over beyond even our visit. I was helping my sister.”
– Andrew S.
Treated by:
“Excellent! She knew what to do and acted on it.”
– Jackie K.
“Always pleasant and efficient.”
– Barbara B.
“I've been seeing Flagstaff Bone & Joint for eight months approximately. I came to them with a bad failed right partial knee MAKOplasty done by a different Surgeon from Prescott. I was in more pain than before the partial MAKOplasty. Dr. Amber Randall advised me that due to my age, weight, build and past medical history of bone degeneration and overgrowth that the partial knee MAKOplasty was not a surgery she would have done. For about seven months we tried conservative treatments like genicular blocks ( had two, the first was excellent, the second did not offer relief), and radiofrequency ablation which did not assist. Dr. Meire did those treatments, and he is fantastic as are Dr. Randall and Jennifer my P.A. Well, we all decided it was just time to get a right total knee OmniRobotic replacement, and it is three days from now. I am confident in Dr. Randall, she tells it like it is, and what she had said to me about my failed partial knee MAKOplasty 3 yrs before, made total sense to me. I only wish I had come to Flagstaff Bone & Joint before I let the Prescott Surgeon do a procedure that was not right for me as an individual with individual symptoms. In three days the rest of my life will improve, and after I heal, I'll be so much better off than I am now. I'll post again after my surgery.”
– Robert E.