Is Partial Knee Replacement Right for You?

The knee is a common place for osteoarthritis or the loss of cartilage in the joint. One option to correct this is a total knee replacement, which is an extensive, open procedure with an extended recovery time. If the osteoarthritis only affects one area of the joint, such as between the femur and the patella (kneecap), a patellofemoral joint replacement or another type of partial knee replacement may be an option.

According to our knee specialists, in a partial knee joint replacement, only the affected part of the knee joint is replaced. This is a less invasive surgery than a total knee replacement, and the recovery time is much quicker.

Because partial knee replacement can be performed through a relatively small incision compared to the incision for a total knee replacement, rehabilitation is faster, hospitalization is shorter, and the return to normal activities is more rapid than after a total knee replacement.

A major benefit of the partial knee replacement is that it can be offered to relatively young patients and will help delay the need for a total knee replacement in the future.

There is a range of treatments for knee arthritis, and your surgeon will discuss the options that will best relieve your symptoms. If you have mild knee pain, instead of recommending surgery right away, your surgeon may suggest anti-inflammatory medications, knee injections, or exercises. Surgery is only recommended for patients who have more significant damage to their knee or knees, and partial knee replacement is recommended for patients who meet specific criteria.

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