Emergency Room Vs. Orthopaedic Urgent Care

Injuries are not scheduled and tend to occur when you least expect them. When you or your loved one suffers an injury, you want the best care available as soon as possible. In some cases, that means a trip to the emergency room. Other times, however, you can avoid a long wait and get an assessment and care from a specialist if you visit a musculoskeletal urgent care clinic.

When you need immediate attention for most acute bone, joint, and muscle injuries, like a fracture or a shoulder injury, our urgent care service will offer you the care you need—fast.

In the case of life-threatening injuries and other emergencies, such as open fractures, cuts with bleeding that won’t stop, burns, or head injuries, you will need to visit an emergency room immediately or call 911.

For a better idea of which service is necessary, refer to the listing below.

Injury/Condition Same-Day Appointments & Walk-Ins clinic ER
New bone/joint/muscle injury  
Joint sprain or muscle strain  
Possible fracture  
Swollen joint  
Sports injury  
Possible dislocation  
Chronic back or joint pain Schedule an appointment  
Work injury Consult your supervisor  
Animal bite  
Cuts and other wounds  
Fracture with bone protrusion  

For more information on our Same-Day Appointments & Walk-ins clinic services at Flagstaff Bone & Joint, call (928) 773-2280. If you are currently seeking initial or follow-up care for a sports-related injury, request an appointment online with one of our sports medicine specialists.