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Average Rating: 4.8
(256 reviews)
– Edward L.
“Kirk Butler, PAC came into the exam room and explained the procedure. He had me lay on the exam table and did a great job of injecting the shot into the left side of my left knee. He then explained that I needed to ice the knee for today and yesterday. Call the office if there is any redness or fever. I had no problems at all. I was very impressed by Kirk Butler, PAC.”
– Olive D.
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“Kirk explained in detail what I would experience when having a Total Knee Replacement and provided guidance to animated video on TKR. He addressed all of my questions and concerns. In the hospital he provided further guidance on my recovery. Kirk is very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Both Kirk and Dr. Botti are awesome. I have no regrets going through the procedure and will definitely recommend others to Flagstaff Bone and Joint and to Dr. Botti and Kirk.”
– Janet A.
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“Jennifer is a professional. She and her assistant were very helpful to me. I really liked it when I learned that Jennifer comes to Cottonwood the first Friday of each month. This was very helpful to me as I live in Cottonwood. After helping me with my problem and explaining everything to me in a way I understood I was told that I have osteoporosis and where I currently have it. Jennifer told me she was going to put me on an injection called Polia and I told her that I have been taking these injections every 6 months for the past year and a half. She said that is excellent and I should continue with the injections. I had talked to her about a problem I was having with my shoulder. After hearing about my problems with my shoulder and the way a local doctor treated me Jennifer said I should call her office and ask for an appointment to see one of the shoulder doctors. I told her I was having a nuclear medicine test done and had an MRI done at the hospital. Jennifer directed me to get a CD of both of the tests and the written reports and bring them to my appointment and the doctor will tell me what needs to be done to my shoulder. I was very happy to hear this because I did not know where I was going to go. I have made an appointment with Dr. Botti and I will see him on March 6th.”
– Claire G.
– Peggy P.
“My last experience was with Julie Deguyter, very smart, very personable and does a great job!! I also commend Dr Botti, straight forward, excellent. I used to recommend Randall”
– Wade C.
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“Great customer service. Attentive and responsive”
– Dennis L.
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“Dr Monson, was absolutely great. Listened to my concerns, answered my question, and was very informative about not only my current condition, but also has a positive outlook for my progress.”
– Tim R.
“Dr. Hall told me exactly what to expect. No surprises. Surgery and after care were excellent. Very pleased.”
– Jacqui M.
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“My pain was released.”
– Rollie K.
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