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Average Rating: 4.8
"From the beginning, Dr. Flint has been very informative of my condition and thorough with the testing, X-rays. etc. My rotator cuff was no longer able to be repaired and a replacement was what I needed to decide on, and Dr Flint explained the reverse procedure that was needed for this surfer. I was in pain, losing strength and motion with my right arm, and having difficulty sleeping at night. My surgery was scheduled with all the pre-op dates, and a class was offered to answer questions and give suggestion for preparing for the surgery. The surgical experience was successful, with Dr. Flint guidance and encouragement with the recovery road ahead I knew I had made the right decision. Living 40 minutes east of Kingman, my physical therapy was scheduled at Deering Therapy and I received excellent care and treatment there for 6 months. I continue to work on my own with exercises to continue gaining strength and range of motion." – Ruth F. 
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"Had shoulder pain for years and after seeing Dr. Moezzi my pain was gone for good. The surgery went perfectly and he was very knowledgable. I will go back for my other shoulder when it's time for that one." – Joe D.  
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"Everyone was super friendly and knowledgeable. The PA gave me tips on preventing future injury and explained everything in great detail. I also very much appreciated how quickly they the doctor visit time was and that I could get an appointment the same day." – Jenn D.  
"Almost three years ago I had my left knee replaced, and the right one was five months later. Both were bone-on-bone. From the first meeting with Dr. Randall to the last (I still go for annual checkups), everything was very professional and I felt like she and the staff all knew what they were doing and had years of experience producing successful knee replacements. The class at the hospital prior to surgery provided essential information for pre-surgery exercises and detailed what happens before, during, and after the surgery. There was one mix-up with getting the walker to take home, but the PT people provided a substitute immediately. The hospital floor for the knee and hip replacement patients was most convenient in that all the nurses and assistants knew their jobs and exactly what patients could and couldn't do. The follow-up appointments with the Nurse Practictioner were spaced correctly and Mark was able to answer all my questions. I have recommended Dr. Randall to several of my friends who have since had successful knee or hip replacements." – Rebecca R. 
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"I gave a very positive evaluation when I checked out. I was most impressed with the care and treatment I received from Jennifer. Her "bedside" manner was outstanding." – Lee H. 
"Not only is he an excellent surgeon he also is compassionate. Right after I had my knee done I had to come back to the hospital for lung issues and still recovering so he stopped in to see how I was doing. My lung doctor was in the hospital and couldn't be bothered. I would recommend him as well as the whole practice. Not only that I have my knee done by him I also had surgery on a broken wrist there. The whole staff are professional, efficient and respectful." – Debra R. 
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"When the ligament in my knee tore, I couldn't believe it. I thought I would get better on my own but I could barely walk. I never had anything like this happen to me so it was very scary to hear that I would have to have surgery. Dr. Moezzi told me that I wouldn't regret having this done and he was right! If I hadn't listened to his expert advice, I would not be walking Mt Elden's Fat Man's Loop nor riding a bike nor kneeling down to plant flowers. Dr. Moezzi is a wonderful surgeon, that was kind and understanding and even expressed great joy over my quick recovery. And I barely have any scars!!! I am so happy I had his team take care of me. The nurses taking care of me during and after surgery were excellent. They really cared about me and were on top of making sure I was comfortable and doing well. They even checked up on me after I got home. They also recommended me to a therapist, Brad, who was very understanding and kind before and after surgery. Without his therapeutic care before and after the surgery, I would not have had such a successful recovery. I really appreciate Dr. Moezzi and his team for their professionalism and expert care. I highly recommend all of them and want to thank them from the bottom of my heart!!!!" – Thresa H. 
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"Dr. Botti and Kirk Butler, PA, both helped me with my L knee. From the initial visit after I hurt it more playing racquetball, to the diagnosis, pre-and-post MRI readings, and then post-op visits.......it was all just flawless and efficient. Being a Physical Therapist, I pretty much knew what was going on, but they both explained in detail the injury, the operation expectations, and now the recovery. Surgery went great, with no pain and steadily-improving decrease in edema and increase in AROM/strength. My biggest concern is if I'll need an eventual TKA, and I certainly hope that I will not. They both seemed fairly assured that my knee would heal well, have minimal arthritic issues in the future, and most likely will not need the TKA. But only time will tell! Until then, I can continue progressing in all my activities, strengthening, and resume racquetball (or swimming, or elliptical) as tolerated. I've been totally pleased at the helpfulness of all the staff at the front desk, the professionalism of Dr. Botti and PA Butler, and also of all the surgical staff (I was a bit nervous, never having had surgery before) and anesthesiologists (they listened to my fears, my concern of post-op nausea, and it all went perfect). Thank you all for all your help! I hope I won't need Dr. Botti's help again, but if I do I trust that he will take good care of me and my orthopedic needs. Thank you so very much!" – Darcy H.   
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"I have always been treated in a very professional and caring manor. Many thanks." – Mark O. 
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"Dr. Randall diagnosed and treated my pain immediately on my first visit. I walked out with 90% pain relief. The therapy plan I was given continued to relieve my pain and I am eternally grateful. Dr. Randall is so personable--I felt that we connected on a patient/physician level, as well as a personal level. Thank you so much." – D'Lorah R.   
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