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Average Rating: 5
“Dr. Botti and Kirk Butler, PA, both helped me with my L knee. From the initial visit after I hurt it more playing racquetball, to the diagnosis, pre-and-post MRI readings, and then post-op visits.......it was all just flawless and efficient. Being a Physical Therapist, I pretty much knew what was going on, but they both explained in detail the injury, the operation expectations, and now the recovery. Surgery went great, with no pain and steadily-improving decrease in edema and increase in AROM/strength. My biggest concern is if I'll need an eventual TKA, and I certainly hope that I will not. They both seemed fairly assured that my knee would heal well, have minimal arthritic issues in the future, and most likely will not need the TKA. But only time will tell! Until then, I can continue progressing in all my activities, strengthening, and resume racquetball (or swimming, or elliptical) as tolerated. I've been totally pleased at the helpfulness of all the staff at the front desk, the professionalism of Dr. Botti and PA Butler, and also of all the surgical staff (I was a bit nervous, never having had surgery before) and anesthesiologists (they listened to my fears, my concern of post-op nausea, and it all went perfect). Thank you all for all your help! I hope I won't need Dr. Botti's help again, but if I do I trust that he will take good care of me and my orthopedic needs. Thank you so very much!”
– Darcy H.
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“I have always been treated in a very professional and caring manor. Many thanks.”
– Mark O.
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“Dr. Randall diagnosed and treated my pain immediately on my first visit. I walked out with 90% pain relief. The therapy plan I was given continued to relieve my pain and I am eternally grateful. Dr. Randall is so personable--I felt that we connected on a patient/physician level, as well as a personal level. Thank you so much.”
– Dlorah R.
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“I'd been waiting over 30 years to be able to do something about my left knee. Finally, I got the chance to get a full knee replacement. I chose Dr. Randall after researching doctors in the area (AZ & Las Vegas). Her qualifications really stood out above the crowd. My surgery went great. Dr. Randall was able to not only do the replacement, but also fix some issues with the knee (bowing) as well. Surgery and recovery went as planned. I cannot say enough positive about her and her staff. I've never been treated better by any doctor and staff. Thank you, Dr. Randall, Drake, and the rest of the team!”
– David S.
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“I have had two hip replacements this last year and I am a new woman.....one without pain and can get out and do things again. Thank you, Amber and everyone who was involved. You are wonderful.”
– Susan B.
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“Everyone was excellent, and I am pleased with the out come. I have let everyone know how well the staff has been! Thank you!”
– Guadalupe N.
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“She is the absolute, extreme best there is! They all are! And every one of the assistants and office staff is like family. Always a pleasure.”
– Debbie A.
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“I saw Dr. Hall today and appreciated his knowledge and him taking time with me. Great doctor!”
– Rebecca R.
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“Everybody was very nice and everything was very professional. They all did a very good job. I was very happy.”
– Sam W.
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“Very processional, always on time, and he knows what he is doing!”
– Gail D.
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