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Thank you for choosing Flagstaff Bone & Joint for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Rating: 5
"Dr. Meier is a great doctor. He spent a long time with me. I felt he really evaluated my problem and gave me great advice in the best way to treat the pain in my back.  The staff are all very personable, and completely professional. I have a feeling that they are the best any clinic could ever hire.  I would certainly recommend FB&J to everyone I know who needs the best orthopaedic care." – Jeanie P.
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"Hip replacement. Went great and fully recovered. Had no problems, feeling better now then I have in the past 6 years. Would recommend Dr. Randall 100%." – Dave D/
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"It has been 1 1/2 years since Dr. Randall performed my hip replacement and my hip has been like a normal hip for many months. I walk 2 miles at a rate of more than 3 miles an hour 3 times a week. I could barely walk slowly before my hip replacement. My recovery was quicker and with much less pain than I expected. I found Dr. Randall and everyone that I dealt with at Flagstaff Bone & Joint to be very competent and personable. I would recommend Dr. Randall and Flagstaff Bone & Joint without hesitation." – Priscilla B.
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"Last October, I fell while walking my Aussie puppy and broke my left wrist. Dr. Flint was my surgeon for the repair. The surgery went very well and recovery was aided by the expert physical therapy from Ariel Coffey. I have recovered most of my range of motion with no issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Flint and Ms. Coffey to anyone needing this type of surgery." – Jeanne T.
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"Dr. O'Donnell was very detailed in explaining everything to us and did a great job getting us taken care of." – Jerry G.
"Dr. Botti successfully fixed my ACL rupture in my right knee 7 years ago. This time he successfully fixed a meniscus tear in my left knee. I was biking in 2 weeks of the surgery and back to running 4 weeks post surgery! Thank you Dr. Botti and staff!" – Dan B.
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"I'm a current  patient of Dr. Hall, and I would like to share with everyone that I would recommend him to ALL my friends and to anyone who is having neck problems. Dr. Hall is kind and doesn't beat around the bush he gets right down to the point on what is wrong. He goes through the steps with you so that you understand, he takes his time explaining the tests results with you, along with answering any questions you have. I really like Dr. Hall and I'm happy that the rest of my doctors is in his care for my neck. If anyone needs a good down to earth neck doctor, call Dr. Hall.  He just might be right down the hall from you when you need him the most." – Delia S.
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"I would recommend Flagstaff Bone & Joint to family & friends. The staff is super friendly....knowledgeable....and very efficient in taking care of your needs.  My doctor was amazing.  Always informing me of what was wrong....how the treatment will work.....and what to expect.  3 thumbs up everyone!!" – Irene O.
"Paul Knott was expeditious in generating a treatment with Dr. Meier. Dr. Meier was the first physician that actually located the root of sciatica pain from an injury/fall on solid ice and concrete. He provided cortisone injections that targeted the exact spot and on two occasions I was given relief for months of any pain. That is as much as anyone could ask for in relief. His methodology was always kind, secure, and his staff was absolutely phenomenal. I cannot imagine a better joint treatment center than Bone & Joint." – Stanford
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"Dr. Randall gets 6 stars. Her P.T. is also very conscientious and very attentive." – Gerald B.
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