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We love hearing from our patients, and we take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles!

Please take a moment to explore the stories of our past and present patients to learn more about our commitment to your bone, joint, and muscle care.

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  • “Very good.”
    – Angelina H.
  • “Very patient with our very little guy!”
    – Jennifer T.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Mr. Kirk Butler put is fantastic! He listened, discussed, conferred with Dr. Botti, and provided a powerhouse of information and suggested mindful steps that I can take to improve my situation. Upon meeting this skilled professional, I immediately felt his warmth, sincere caring nature, honesty, and trustworthiness — the tremendous fear I'd been experiencing dissolved. Mr. Butler spent a generous amount of time with my husband and me explaining and sharing his knowledge. So very much appreciated! Thank You! We also took him up on his mention of a great pizzeria in town as a celebration of our appointment with him.”
    – Ariane E.
    Treating Doctor: Kirk Butler, P.A.-C.
  • “He explained things very well and answered all of my questions.”
    – Richard M.
  • “David Brown did a good job despite how much pain I am was in.”
    – Leighann B.
    Treating Doctor: David Brown, P.A.-C.
  • “Shayne Monson was friendly and knowledgeable. Shayne Monson was able to answer all my questions and concerns thoroughly and in a way that I was able to understand. The staff I encountered was also friendly and easy to talk with. Overall I had a great experience.”
    – Beth H.
  • “Great experience. They got me in and out of there fast, and everyone was friendly and professional. Great staff all around. I would recommend this place to everyone.”
    – Gerard C.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “He was very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining what my problem was and how he would treat it. He took the time to make sure I understood and agreed with his treatment plan. I was very pleased, he answered my questions provided an excellent treatment experience.”
    – Dwayne B.
  • “Very thorough and knowledgable. Explained thoroughly what my problem was and how he was going to treat it. Exceptional medical treatment. Very happy.”
    – Dwayne B.
  • “The receptionist was very polite and efficient! Not too long of a wait, Mr. Monson was kind and caring, told me what was wrong, and gave me a route of care and explained what to expect! I gave me an injection and asked if I had any questions. I felt he was thorough.”
    – Deborah S.
  • “We are so impressed with Flagstaff Bone & Joint! All experience is totally professional! We arrived at check in time and were leaving an hour later, totally satisfied! Wow! Thank you to each staff member, Tia(?) at check-in, Colt, D. Brown, P.A., Girl, who guided me to x-ray(an unusual name), X-ray tech, Check out lady...all a calming experience!”
    – Sharron M.
    Treating Doctor: David Brown, P.A.-C.
  • “She was wonderful. Made me feel at ease and very comfortable talking to her.”
    – Priscilla A.
    Treating Doctor: Jennifer Almendarez, P.A.-C.
  • “Thorough and explained the results of my MRI and offered options and plan going forward. Charming personality. I didn't feal rushed.”
    – Diana T.
    Treating Doctor: Jennifer Almendarez, P.A.-C.
  • “Very professional and pleasant.”
    – Jessie H.
    Treating Doctor: Jennifer Almendarez, P.A.-C.
  • “I was grateful that he was able to explain in detail and in terminology that made sense to me all of my options along with the risks associated with each option. I appreciated the professionalism and kind manner in which he explained everything.”
    – Patricia F.
  • “Very professional. Explained my issues very well.”
    – Janine H.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Everyone there is super friendly! Delightful visit!”
    – Lance O.
    Treating Doctor: Ross A. Jones, D.O.
  • “Excellent care.”
    – Angie M.
  • “I went in with a football injury. Everyone was quick and very informative. And didn’t exaggerate the injury but gave us great information on how to take care of it and speed up healing. I love that Flagstaff Bone & Joint don’t recommend surgery for everything. They care, and Sean Easton P.A. is down to earth, professional, and can talk to a teen at their level of understanding. I would recommend their walk-in clinic to anyone who has an injury over the ER or urgent care. Flagstaff Bone & Joint is fantastic.”
    – Christine F.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Sean Easton P.A. is professional, compassionate and thoroughly explains the anatomy of the area injured.”
    – Monica B.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “He is excellent. I liked how he took the time to explain the X-ray results and coarse of treatment. He told the next step is physical therapy before getting MRI and that he would send notes to the therapy facility so they could obtain authorization. I liked how he did a full examination of my knees and explained what he was doing while moving my legs and moving my knee caps. Thank you for an enjoyable experience was very nervous but he made it great.”
    – Elizabeth A.
  • “Excellent.”
    – Ross F.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “The entire staff was friendly and prompt. It didn’t seem like a Doctors office visit!”
    – Louis S.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “I enjoyed Ernest Monson. Didn't have to wait long for the appointment. Thank you.”
    – Roger M.
  • “Excellent provider took his time explaining what is going on. Friendly and very professional.”
    – Robin M.
    Treating Doctor: Ross A. Jones, D.O.