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Average Rating: 5
“Excellent. Jennifer Almendarez explained about osteoporosis, the likelihood the thinning bones allowed this fracture - and the likelihood fractures would continue. She reviewed the lab work and determined my Calcium and D3 levels are correct, and she said of the bone-strengthening drugs available, the only one she would suggest is Prolia (due to other conditions I have). She had my secondary insurance checked to see if they would pay for the drug, and I got the first injection today. The other doctors I have seen also had mentioned this drug saying it would help the fracture to heal. I was very impressed by Jennifer Almendarez, P.A-C. She made me feel comfortable and more knowledgeable about osteoporosis and what to do to improve what it is doing.”
– Sylvia R.
“My experience overall was fantastic, very welcoming, very affirmative, overall excellent. The staff was fantastic couldn’t have asked for a better team.”
– Corrine T.
“She is always very friendly and understanding of my pain. She knows what to do and does it professionally. I have never been disappointed with my visits with her.”
– Elaine P.
“Excellent. Personal. Caring. Professional. Painless.”
– Richard R.
Treated by:
“He’s awesome.”
– Shawni C.
“Personable, empathetic at time of every year, coordinated care with hospital ER, communicated information with DrPatti so that dr was aware of my condition before she even saw me. Jen worked with x- ray tech to wheel me down to the hospital ER and took my x-rays with me so as not to duplicate services. As a past health care administrators have talked about continuity of care, but this was the first I experienced it myself very impressed.”
– Carla C.
– Terri H.
“Jennifer Almendarez was very professional, friendly knew the task she did for me, and she was gentle.”
– Celia R.
“Lovely lady, genuinely interested in her patients, knowledgeable!”
– Louis H.
“Very good.”
– Joe B.