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Average Rating: 4.9
"Dr. Randall is awesome. A perfect adjunct is Mark. He compliments her beautifully. I had surgery several years ago. Wish I had know what the problem was earlier but, if I had, I would never have met Dr. Randall. I recommend her to many people that are hurting (and at my age group) there are a lot. I hope I never have to have surgery again, but if so, I sincerely hope to be treated by Dr. Randall. Thank you so much for making me pain-free again." – Charlene Y. 
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"Dr. Randall did two knee replacements for me. Has been two years since first knee and one year for second knee. I'm totally enjoying life doing things I was unable to do before. You can't hardly notice my scars. I'm so happy with Dr. Randle's expertise and great communication skills!!" – Leon R. 
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"New knee 4 years ago if it wasn't for the scar and the airline scanners I would forget that I have it (no pain). Thank you Dr. Randall" – Leonard F. 
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"Understandably, facing back surgery was a scary experience. Dr. Hall reassured me the procedure I was going to have was one he does a lot of. The evening of my surgery I already had relief of the pain I'd been living with for about 5 years. I wish I would have done this years ago. My recovery has been remarkable and I highly recommend Dr. Hall and his staff to anyone considering back surgery." – Karen D. 
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"Dr. Botti was willing to schedule my surgery and clinic visits to accommodate my travel arrangements from another state. He called me at home before I traveled to explain the procedures to me and answer all of my questions." – Judy S. 
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"I came in as a walk-in patient. I brought a book along because I assumed I'd have a long wait. I was seen within 10 minutes of arrival instead. I was very satisfied with my visit and treatment." – David S. 
"I have gotten stellar care from Dr. O'Donnell and his medical assistant, Peggy. I have had aspirations, cortisone and ultrasound guided Synvisc injections to relieve knee pain. Recently I have had PRP therapy with him and I am very pleased. I am also excited about the possibility for stem cell/PRP therapy in the future. I know people that are going to Mexico for regenerative medicine, but I feel safe having it done at Flagstaff Bone and Joint with my trusted physician." – Lynda C. 
"Extremely knowledgeable on osteoporosis and best care practices. Answered questions completely and provided options for treatment." – Sheila H.    
"I ruptured my L3/4 disc and suffered partial and temporary paralysis. After X-rays and an MRI ordered by his Kingman affiliate I saw Dr. Hall. He explained what was wrong and that I had an 89% chance that it would heal without surgery with physical therapy. I hurt bad enough that surgery seemed like immediate relief and a better idea. He was correct. I was back to normal within a year. Jennifer was excellent when I had a set back and is a real knowledgeable professional. Since I was prepared for surgery I did considerable research on the techniques and found that Dr. Hall was at the leading edge of procedures and was highly recommended by other doctors. He and his support staff are true professionals and I could not be more pleased." – Carl H.    
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"Takes the time to sit down and answer questions and gives understandable answers." – Patricia P. 
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