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Thank you for choosing Flagstaff Bone & Joint for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Rating: 4.8
"I went into surgery for my right hip, don't remember hardly any negative. Dr. Randall was very good and nice." – Diana G.
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"I was very pleased to get into see a doctor. within a few days of my injury. I expected to have to wait weeks. Thank you for being aware of this kind of patient need. With the exception of surgery, most of the treatment time was done by Dave Brown. Both he and Dr. Moezzi were great and understood my desire to get back to doing things as soon as it was safe. Surgery was as easy as I have ever had - this was my 4th shoulder repair. The new pain treatment prior to surgery (deadening the nerve in the shoulder area and arm) made a huge difference in the usual pain of shoulder surgery." – Cliff H.
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"Whether I am seeing Dr. Moezzi or PA Brown, I have had the most care and professional service. I would always come back and recommended Flagstaff Bone & Joint to anyone.  I cannot thank you all enough for great service." – Nicholas C.
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"I can always rely on honest and reliable service at Flagstaff Bone & Joint. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable." – William A.
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"A caring, wonderful doctor. God bless him for his skill." – Jacqui V.
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"Dr. Hall and his Team, especially Paul Knott, helped me through back surgery to be relieved of leg pain I have had for years. I would recommend Dr. Hall & Team to anyone with back and leg pain. You don't have to live with these medical conditions." – Dennis P.
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"I thought I had hurt my back badly, after the X-rays the doctor figured out it was nothing but a pulled muscle. He was very pleasant to deal with, as are all the doctors I have visited at Bone & Joint. The medicine prescribed made an immediate improvement to the problem and it is getting better each day." – Allen B.
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"Had a left knee replacement on 19 January 2016 by Dr. Amber Randall and staff at Flagstaff Bone & Joint. Worked hard during two months of rehab. On 20 April 2016, hiked four miles with repeated elevation changes of 200 feet (over loose rock terrain) without pain. Gaining strength and stability every day. Thank you Dr. Randall and all staff." – Janice A.
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From my initial phone call until now I have found the office staff to be both professional and caring. They were so helpful and an excellent reflection of the practice. I am extremely pleased with Dr. O’Donnell and am recommending him to all my friends. He was right-on with the treatment of my pain.
My daughter received amazing care from Dr. O’Donnell. He was very attentive to her physical and emotional well-being. He called to talk to her personally to make sure she was alright after a major injury.  Dr. O’Donnell has been very informative, caring and helpful to my own healing process as well. I feel very cared about. Thank You. — Mary