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Thank you for choosing Flagstaff Bone & Joint for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Rating: 4.85
“Doctor Randall is a fantastic provider. She is a pleasant person to talk to and get your questions answered. She provided me great care and is very professional and knowledgeable.”
– Jacqueline O.
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“Encouraging and upbeat. I appreciated a plan of action once I have Medicare coverage.Dr. Randall made me feel much more optimistic than I had been prior to the appointment.”
– Pamela P.
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“Jennifer has been nothing but kind and understanding. She genuinely listens and wants to make sure her patients are being treated properly and appropriately. I have been struggling with insurance to get into physical therapy and Jennifer has been incredibly helpful. She advocates for her patients and I honestly couldn't be more grateful.”
– Wendy A.
“My provider was very pleasant and took very good care of me, he was understanding of my problem and had test`s done that needed to be done. I will continue to see him until all is well.”
– Lieselotte H.
“My entire experience was very nice. Shayne as he introduced him self put me to ease immediately and I felt confident enough to allow him to give me shots in my knees which were extremely helpful. I will be coming in again soon to get another shot or two, my legs are waking me up at night. I am half way to the weight I was asked to lose so that I can have the knee replacements. I have recommended your office to several people and have promised a lady that as soon as she makes an appointment I will accompany her because she has knee problems also but is afraid of shots. I told her I would come with her and get my shots first to show her how easy it is.”
– Joan H.
“Dr. Flint treated me a very kind and considerate professionalism. He explained what was happening to my hand and what my treatment options were at this time. I loved that he used the ultrasound to guide him in the steroid injection to maximize the benefits I might receive.”
– Helen B.
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“Jennifer is always very courteous, professional and has a true sense of empathy. Whenever I need assistance or have questions, Jennifer is always there for me. I couldn't ask for a better provider. The same goes for Dr, Hall & Paul Knott PA-C.”
– Richard C.
“The surgery went well and I am recovering quickly. I appreciate the skill and bedside manner of Dr. Moezzi.”
– Frank V.
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– Edward L.
“Kirk Butler, PAC came into the exam room and explained the procedure. He had me lay on the exam table and did a great job of injecting the shot into the left side of my left knee. He then explained that I needed to ice the knee for today and yesterday. Call the office if there is any redness or fever. I had no problems at all. I was very impressed by Kirk Butler, PAC.”
– Olive D.
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