Flagstaff Bone & Joint 2023 Sports Physicals Event Resounding Success

Flagstaff Bone & Joint recently provided sports physicals to 218 student-athletes during their annual sports physical event held on July 29 at their Flagstaff office, located at 525 N. Switzer Canyon Drive. In addition to providing local student-athletes with access to sports physicals, the practice raised $2,180 in proceeds, which was donated to the athletic programs of the participating athletes. As athletics kick off for the school year, parents and guardians of injured athletes are encouraged to call 928-773-2280 to seek expert bone, joint and muscle care from the team at Flagstaff Bone & Joint.

With the help of 27 volunteers, the doctors and staff of Flagstaff Bone & Joint were able to perform expert, low-cost pre-participation physicals for student-athletes from schools throughout the area. The event was held from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and 218 athletes total were able to receive the sports physical required for competition this school year. 

“At Flagstaff Bone & Joint, we are committed to the health and safety of our local athletic community,” said Darius Moezzi, M.D., sports medicine specialist at Flagstaff Bone & Joint. “We are so proud that this year’s annual sports physical event was a resounding success for keeping athletes safe and helping keep them in the game with medical and budgetary support.”

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sports physical event were donated to the local athletic programs each athlete came from. Additionally, Flagstaff Bone & Joint matched the amount brought in by student-athletes of Coconino High School.

For more information about Flagstaff Bone & Joint, please call 928-773-2280.