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At Flagstaff Bone & Joint, our doctors and trainers work closely to provide exceptional care to our patients.

What Is a Certified Athletic Trainer?

Certified athletic trainers (A.T.C.s) are multiskilled healthcare professionals who are highly educated in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries. A.T.C.s possess strong skills in clinical examination and diagnosis, and they have the unique ability through their training and education to treat and manage the care of athletes and active populations. These skills are developed through an extensive education in the human body, the musculoskeletal system, biomechanics, and the physiological processes involved in healing.

The Benefits of Having Athletic Trainers in an Orthopaedic Practice

Many recent studies have demonstrated that having athletic trainers employed as an extension to doctors in an orthopaedic practice allows for opportunities to increase patient satisfaction and increase patient throughput.