Stem cell injections are deferring the need for traditional joint replacements

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Suzanne Gosar, an active 78-year-old Sedona woman, was experiencing severe knee pain, which was diagnosed as end-stage arthritis. Planning to undergo a total knee replacement, she decided to first try stem cell injection therapy, which utilizes the body’s natural ability to repair itself by injecting stem cells at the site of the injury.

Dr. Kevin O’Donnell, nonsurgical orthopaedic expert at Flagstaff Bone & Joint, harvested stem cells by collecting adipose tissue from Suzanne’s abdomen, and then he injected those stem cells into the affected knee.

“Going into this procedure, Dr. O’Donnell told me that I might not feel relief right away, but by my check-up three weeks later, I already felt 80% better! Now, three months later, I am back to hiking, walking, gardening, going to Zumba® class and even making repairs up on my roof!” says Gosar. “My husband and I were farmers for 40 years, and I am constantly active. Getting such incredible relief from the pain I was experiencing without even having surgery has been completely life changing!”

Dr. O’Donnell was the first provider in Flagstaff to offer stem cell injections for joints and has been offering them for over a year. He has seen great results among patients, the majority of whom are affected by arthritis and want to slow the progression. In addition to pioneering the area of stem cell injections, he has been offering platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections since 2009. PRP injections are typically used for soft tissue injuries, and similar to stem cell injections, they utilize the body’s natural components. A specialist will inject a concentrated amount of the patient’s own platelets to the injury site, and this creates a natural healing environment.

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