Dr. Botti Travels to La Molina, Spain with the US Snowboard Cross Team

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Our very own Dr. Torey Botti traveled to La Molina, Spain with the US Snowboard Cross team for their final race in the FIS (International Ski Federation) World Cup Series. Dr Botti’s role, as the US Snowboard Team Physician, was to attend to any medical issues that arose with the US athletes or staff during the weeklong event. “During all practices and actual competition, I stationed at the top of the course while the coaches, PT and Athletic Trainer positioned themselves at strategic points along the course.” Dr Botti carried a 30 pound trauma kit on snowboard down the course when he responded to injured athletes. The US Snowboard Cross Team did very well in the competition. They earned 2nd place in men’s and 3rd place in women’s. Dr. Botti was happy to report there were no major injuries.

La Molina is in the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains which is 100 miles northeast of Barcelona. After the six days Dr. Botti spent with the team, he was able to spend several days sightseeing along the coast in Barcelona. “It is certainly an amazing city, with friendly residents, great food and amazing art and architecture.” What an amazing adventure, good job Dr. Botti!


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